• 2022 Division PDW Program: Call for Submissions

    ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT THEORY (OMT) PDW Chair: Emilio J. Castilla, MIT Sloan 2022 Division PDW Program: Call for Submissions As a community of scholars, the OMT division is built from the desire to develop and promote understandings of organizations ... More

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  • Hello Colleagues, Now that the AOM Annual Meeting is concluded, we are excited to turn our attention to the next opportunity to connect and work together as a community. We would like to alert you to a Paper Development Workshop (PDW) we are hosting ...

  • Dear Colleagues, Please join us at SMS for the Stakeholder Strategy Paper Development PDW. We are very much looking forward to meeting in-person at SMS. The PDW is scheduled for Saturday 9/17 from 9am-12pm. Link: https://www.strategicmanagement.net/london/workshops/stakeholder-pdw ...

  • I would like to draw your attention to my recently published book Culture in Organizations. Development, Impact and Culture-Mindful Leadership (Springer Nature). The book provides relevant knowledge about the concept of culture. This includes its major ...

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