Social Media Report

2019 Social Media Report
Deborah Anderson, Oxford University
OMT Social Media Chair


The OMT Division’s 2018-2019 social media strategy has focused on keeping current and potential members informed about events, deadlines, and topics of interest to the community.

Our Twitter account currently has 3,163 followers, an increase of more than 900 from the prior year (approx. 2,236 in 2018; 1,470 in 2017; 880 in 2016; and 500 in 2015). Approximately 191,500 Twitter post impressions accumulated over the period, an increase of over 100,000 over the prior year. The OMT Facebook account has over 1,700 followers. Data on Facebook Post Reach can be found below.

Data Graphic

One ongoing goal of the division has been to increase diversity and inclusivity. In line with this goal, social media has been used to provide additional avenues of communication to our membership, reaching a broader audience. For example, OMT Paper Development and Writing Workshops were heavily promoted on Twitter to increase awareness of opportunities outside of North America.


Additionally, we have been working closely with TAOP (Talking About Organizations Podcast) to develop an OMT podcast, which will be released via social media later this calendar year. To foster community, a wide range of social events (such as lunches, dinners, drinks, sport, and sightseeing) are organized by OMT members during AOM. These opportunities are highlighted and heavily advertised to members and potential members via our social media accounts. Photos and updates of these off-program events were also made available on our social media accounts throughout the conference. The following map shows a country-by-country breakdown of our current Twitter followers (as a % of total) and provides evidence of an increase in global reach over prior years:



We hope you continue to engage OMT and all our members on social media.


Deborah Anderson

Social Media Coordinator