• OMT 2020 Spring Newsletter

    Please enjoy our 2020 Spring Newsletter. We hope it provides a bit of a respite and a way to reconnect with the OMT community. This is Part One of the newsletter, with Part Two to follow soon.

    Chair’s Message – Peer Fiss, University of Southern California, introduces this issue of the OMT Division newsletter, conveys a special message to members, and looks ahead to plans for the upcoming Annual Meeting in Vancouver.

    Program Chair Martin Kilduff shares an overview of our scholarly program.

    PDW Chair Eva Boxenbaum previews the pre-conference program.

    Special Announcements
    We’re excited to announce that the inaugural season of our OMT Podcast is now complete. The first episode, a fascinating interview with Past Division Chair, Marc-David Seidel, is now available; future episodes will be added to this same page and available on all major outlets, including iTunes and Spotify.

    Thanks to Tanja Ohlson, our fearless host and producer. And special thanks to Dmitrijs Kravcenko, whose invaluable assistance helped us plan and launch the OMT Podcast. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please email them here.

    We’ll be releasing an episode every two weeks and plan to have a second season (focused on research from around the world) ready to go in the weeks leading up to the Academy Annual Meeting. Check the OMT website for four more episodes from our first season (or subscribe to the RSS feed that will soon appear on the page to be notified when new episodes are released).

    We’re equally excited that the journal Innovation: Organization and Management (IOM) is now the exclusive sponsor of the Best OMT Entrepreneurship Paper. The mission of the Routledge journal is “publishing outstanding research on innovation within and across organizations.”

    First awarded in 2015, the Best OMT Entrepreneurship Paper recognizes a paper in the scholarly program that advances understanding of entrepreneurship drawing on organization and management theory.

    We thank IOM and its editors Markus Perkmann and Nelson Phillips for the sponsorship and look forward to more partnerships with journals, universities and organizations whose missions align with ours.

    Finally, we’ve updated our list of OMT Distinguished Scholars (and what a distinguished list it is!), thanks to some excellent detective work by Richard Haans, OMT Data Analytics Chair. Richard cross-checked information from old OMT newsletters and AOM programs in filling out some previously missing or incomplete information.

    Please take a look and let us know if you have additional information to provide. And if you happen to have hardcopies of old OMT newsletters dating to before 1988, please email Richard.

    In Closing
    A special thanks, once again, to all our sponsors, past and present. For future sponsorship information, contact Peer Fiss, OMT Division Chair.

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  • Please enjoy our 2019 Spring Newsletter, packed with updates and announcements.

    • Chair’s Message – Davide Ravasi, University College London, introduces this issue of the OMT Division newsletter and looks ahead to the upcoming Annual Meeting in Boston.
    • Program Chair Renate Meyer shares an overview of our scholarly program.
    • PDW Chair Martin Kilduff previews the pre-conference programs.
    • Research Committee Chair Lori Yue announces our paper and symposium award winners for this year.
    Other Conference Activities

    Follow these links for details of the Doctoral Consortium, Junior Faculty Consortium, or Dissertation Proposal Workshop, and consider applying to our second annual Doing Organizational Research Around the World – Opportunities and Challenges Workshop.

    Be sure to check out our growing list of incredibly popular OMT off-program events, and please attend our Monday morning Distinguished Scholar Breakfast to congratulate Lynne Zucker and hear her award talk.

    We continue to strengthen our partnership with EGOS. In addition to our Meet OMT @ EGOS Reception (in Edinburgh), we will be co-hosting our Meet EGOS @ OMT Reception (in Boston).

    In Closing

    A special thanks to our Sponsors.  For future sponsorship information, contact Davide Ravasi, OMT Division Chair.

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