Best Paper on Environmental and Social Practices

First awarded in 2012, the Best Paper on Environmental and Social Practices recognizes research that advances our understanding of environmental and social dimensions of organizing.

2021 Best Paper on Environmental and Social Practices
Applicant bias: Evidence from a field experiment
Peter Younkin (University of Oregon), Kaisa Snellman (INSEAD)

Past winners

2020 Jiwon Hwang (Columbia Business School), Damon J. Phillips (Columbia Business School). "Entrepreneurship as a Response to Labor Market Discrimination for Formerly Incarcerated People."

2019 Sunasir Dutta (University of Minnesota), Daniel Armanios (Carnegie Mellon University), and Jaison Desai (U.S. Army). "Why Physical Connectivity Still Matters: New Bridges and Entrepreneurship in Geographic Communities."

2018 Grace H. Fan (The University of British Columbia). "Winning Hearts to Achieve Sustainability: Theorizing Change from an Emotional Perspective."

2017 Abhinav Gupta (University of Washington) and Forrest Briscoe (Penn State University). "Organizational Political Ideology and Corporate Responses to Activist Protest." Read Interview.

2016 A. Wren Montgomery (University of Windsor). "Think Global, Drink Local: Field Configuring Interactions and the Detroit Water Crisis." See interview of winners here

2015 Anna Kim (Western U., Ivy Business School), Pratima Bansal (Western U., Ivy Business School), and Helen Haugh (U. of Cambridge). "Tea Time: Temporal Coordination for Sustainable Development"

2014 Koen Van Bommel (VU University Amsterdam). Commensuration in Dutch Sustainability Reporting

2013 Juliane Reinecke (University of Warwick) and Shaz Ansari (University of Cambridge). Be Fair or Care? Fairtrade and the Standardization of Ethical Practices

2012 Joel Gehman (University of Alberta). "Categorical Cleaning: An Exploratory Study of Sustainability Induced Divestitures, 1992-2010"