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2013 OMT Award Winners

The OMT Research Committee recently completed the process of selecting winners for the OMT paper and symposium awards that will presented at the 2013 Academy of Management Annual Meeting.  Awards are given in five categories: (1) best paper, (2) best paper from a doctoral dissertation (Pondy Award) which will be the OMT division’s nominee for the Academy’s Newman Award, (3) best symposium, (4) best international paper which will be the OMT division’s nominee for the Academy’s Dexter Award for best paper that internationalizes the Academy of Management, and (5) best Empirical Paper on Social and Environmental Practices sponsored by the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship.

Nominees were identified based on the ratings of OMT reviewers. Then subgroups of Research Committee members had the honor of reading each award-nominated paper or symposium in one of the five categories and voted on their picks for the most outstanding work submitted to this year’s AOM conference.

Congratulations to all of the award-winning and nominated paper and symposia authors listed below! The formal announcement and presentation of OMT Division’s awards will take place in August, on Monday night, at the OMT Business Meeting in Lake Buena Vista (Orlando), Florida. We hope you will join us at the OMT Business Meeting to celebrate the winners.

The OMT Business Meeting and Social Hour is also the perfect time to find out more about the OMT Research Committee, which is staffed by a dedicated group of OMT volunteers. Be a part of recognizing the excellence of OMT scholarship. Join the OMT Research Committee! 

OMT Division Best Paper Award


“Social Distancing from Journalists Who Engage in Negative Coverage of Firm Leadership”
James Westphal – U. of Michigan; Guy Shani – U. of Michigan

Other Nominees:

“Rubik’s Dilemma: Partial Knowledge and the Efficacy of Learning”
Hart E. Posen – U. of Wisconsin, Madison; Dirk Martignoni -- U. of Zurich; Markus Lang – U. of Zurich

“Crime and Punishment: The Reputational Consequences of Withdrawal from VC Syndicates”
Pavel Ivanov Zhelyazkov – Harvard Business School; Ranjay Gulati – Harvard Business School

“Moving from an Exception to a Rule: Analyzing Mechanisms in Emergence-based Institutionalization”
Jeannette Colyvas – Northwestern U.; Spiro Maroulis – Arizona State U.

Louis R. Pondy Best Paper Based on a Dissertation (also AOM Newman Award nominee)


“The Illusions of Power”
Murad Mithani – Stevens Institute of Technology

Other Nominees:

“Confused by the Middle: Status, Acquisition Advisors, and their Opportunism in Acquisition Premium”
Yonghoon Lee – INSEAD

“Reunited: Exploring the Performance Effects of Newcomers’ Tie Reactivation”
Massimo Maoret – Boston College

“Female Entrepreneurship and Alternative Career Advancement Inside the Firm”
Aleksandra Kacperczyk – MIT

OMT Division Best Symposium


“Organizationally Diverse Capitalism: Exploring Alternatives to 20th Century Corporations”
Suntae Kim – U. of Michigan

Other Nominees:

“Halos and Horns: Understanding Corporate Reputations for Social and Environmental Responsibility”
Jenna P. Stites – Penn State U.; Barbara Gray – Penn State U.

“The Behavioral Theory of the Firm: The First 50 Years and the Next 50 Years”
Vinit Desai – U. of Colorado, Denver; Chengwei Liu – U. of Warwick; Peter Madsen – Brigham Young U.; David Maslach – Florida State U.

Carolyn Dexter Nominee (OMT’s nominee for AOM Best International Paper)

Winner/Officially nominated paper:

“The Diffusion of Contested Practices across Environments: Social Movements’ Boundary-Bridging Role”
Daniel Waeger – HEC U. of Lausanne; Sébastien Mena – U. of Alberta

Other Nominees:

“How Entrepreneurs Become Strategic Cultural Operators”
Florian Ueberbacher – U. of St. Gallen; Claus D. Jacobs – U. of St. Gallen

“Evaluating Negative Evaluation: An Experimental Investigation of Category Spanning”
Nathan Betancourt -- U. of Lugano; Inga J. Hoever – Erasmus U.; Jeroen Kuilman – Tilburg U.; Filippo Carlo Wezel – U. of Lugano

“Intentionality and Institutional Work: Emergency Physicians as Institutional Guardians”
April Wright – U. of Queensland; Ray Zammuto – U. of Queensland

Best OMT Empirical Paper on Social and Environmental Practices (sponsored by the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship)


“Be Fair or Care? Fairtrade and the Standardization of Ethical Practices”
Juliane Reinecke – U. of Warwick; Shaz Ansari – U. of Cambridge

Other Nominees:

“Caught in the Revolving Door: Firm-government Ties as Determinants of Regulatory Outcomes”
Ivana Katic – Columbia U.; Jerry W. Kim – Columbia U.

“Responses to Institutional Defiance: How Media Frames Alter the Rate of Sanctions”
Thomas H. Allison – U. of Oklahoma; Matthew G. Grimes – U. of Alberta; Aaron Francis McKenny – U. of Oklahoma; Jeremy Collin Short – U. of Oklahoma

Best Published Paper Award

OMT first began honoring the Best Published Paper in Organization and Management Theory in August, 2010.  In 2012, a committee of distinguished OMT scholars, chaired by C.R. (Bob) Hinings, Professor Emeritus of Strategic Management and Organization at the University of Alberta, named Ned Smith’s (U. of Michigan) 2011 paper, “Identities as Lenses: How Organizational Identity Affects Audiences’ Evaluation of Organizational Performance,” Administrative Science Quarterly, Volume 56, Number 1: 61-94, as the winner.

This year the Best Published Paper Committee is being co-chaired by Jane Dutton (U. of Michigan) and Mary Ann Glynn (Boston College). The committee is hard at work choosing the best paper in OMT published in 2012. Please join us at the OMT Business Meeting when we will reveal which paper published in 2012 wins!

Q: How do I become a member of the OMT Research Committee?

A: Volunteer!

Approximately forty OMT division members annually volunteer their time as part of the Research Committee and are placed on one of five sub-committees.  Research Committee members are asked to read and rank the three to five papers or symposia that have been nominated, working in a very compressed time frame, usually near the end of February and the beginning March.  In some years committee members are also asked to participate with other tasks, such as the selection of the Martin Trailblazer Award winner.  Nearly every year some new members are added to the Research Committee as long-serving members who have provided this valuable professional service to the division for many years cycle off.  If you want to be a part of selecting which papers and symposia win awards, please volunteer.  The requirements are that you are an active reviewer for the OMT division and that you can commit to being available during the time we review papers for awards.  Simply contact Joe Broschak, University of Arizona, via email ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or phone (520-626-0464), to join. Better yet, stop by and talk to Joe at the Meet OMT Social, the OMT Business Meeting, or the OMT Social Hour in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. After all, OMT is the Place to Be!

2013 OMT Research Committee Members

My sincere thanks go out to the all the OMT members who volunteered to be part of the 2013 OMT Research Committee.  They make my life easy and provide a wonderful professional service by evaluating all of the potential award winners. As you can see below, the Research Committee represents a broad sample of OMT’s membership. Please consider joining the committee next year as a volunteer!

Report submitted by:

Joe Broschak
Associate Professor of Management
University of Arizona
Eller College of Management
405 McClelland Hall
Tucson, AZ 85718


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