Matt Kraatz, University of Illinois, forecasts a bumper crop of programs at Montreal. Fellow OMTers, We here in the cornfields of Illinois...

...are just poking our heads up after a long, cold, and exceptionally hard winter spent sorting through submissions, pestering reviewers, and meeting a seemingly endless series of Academy-imposed deadlines. Happily, spring is now in the air and the OMT program is all set to blossom. And what a program it is shaping up to be!  Thanks to the creativity and industriousness of our members, we once again set a record for submissions.  Six hundred and sixty six OMT papers and symposium proposals flowed into the Academy website ahead of the January 15th deadline.   (Many of them just barely).  From this remarkable field of submissions, we were able to assemble a program consisting of 41 division paper sessions, 25 division roundtables, and 49 sole or jointly sponsored symposia.  This (almost) final program was made possible by the tremendous efforts of 760 OMT reviewers who provided 1970 individual reviews (with a stunning 98% rate of completion).   We also sent 42 OMT papers to cross-division roundtables and discussion paper sessions.  These latter sessions are a new, academy-wide innovation which will be organized and scheduled by interdivisional committees.

The last few months have been extremely challenging, but also very educational and even inspirational at times.  The challenges (processing a very large number of papers and reviews) are perhaps obvious. Fortunately, I have not faced them alone.  Colleagues, support staff, and doctoral students at Illinois have provided a great deal of assistance, and I have also received much useful advice and guidance from my predecessors in this job.  The education and inspiration have come from seeing, first hand, the remarkable quality and diversity of research which is being conducted by our members.  The pluralistic nature of the OT field often makes OMT appear to be a “messy” division.  But, this job has shown me that it is – at minimum -- a beautiful mess.  It has also been very moving to see the large number of high-quality, developmental reviews which our members anonymously provide to one another.  This largely thankless and outwardly irrational commitment of time and effort is what makes our shared enterprise possible.  I would thus like to take this opportunity to say THANKS to our reviewers, as well as our submitters.

Below, I have included the (more or less) final version of the OMT program schedule.  This list is subject to some minor changes, as it may prove necessary to move a few sessions around in order to accommodate scheduling conflicts with other divisions.  Please also note that this schedule does not include cross-division sessions, or the 30 plus co-sponsored symposia which are being lead-sponsored by other divisions.  These latter sessions are not yet scheduled as we go to press with the OMT Newsletter.

Thanks again for the opportunity to serve OMT as Program Chair.  I look forward to seeing you all at the OMT Welcome Breakfast, where we shall hear from this year’s OMT Distinguished Scholar, Dan Levinthal.  Please also make sure to attend the OMT Business Meeting and Social Hour on Monday night.  The drinks are on Royston.

Collegially Yours, Matt