OMT is calling for nominations for the chair and members of the Communications Committee.
The charge and membership selection processes and expectations are listed below.  If you know someone or would like to self-nomination, please email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Please put OMT COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE in the subject line of your email.  Read on to learn more about the committee.


To develop and implement ideas for creating inclusion and fostering community among OMT members on the OMT website and in the OMT Newsletter.

To maintain the OMT website on an ongoing basis by coordinating with the Teaching, Practice and Scholarship Committee Chairs to provide and update content from their respective areas and coordinating with the OMT Executive Committee to update officer information on an annual basis.

Membership, Selection Processes and Expectations

The Committee Chair will be appointed by the OMT Executive Committee with input from the Committee.
The Committee will include the OMT Webmaster and Newsletter Editor as standing members and up to three OMT members for a total of six members including the Chair.
Terms are for two years and are staggered on a yearly basis (Committee Chair and one member in Year 1, two members from OMT in Year 2).
Committee Chairs are responsible for staffing their committees, convening their committees, and coordinating with the OMT Executive Committee.

Committee Chairs are expected to attend the Annual Officer’s Meeting and the OMT Business Meeting at the Annual Academy of Management Meetings and the annual OMT Executive Committee Meeting.