Willie Ocasio, Northwestern University, highlights OMT PDWs in Atlanta for us.
OMT will once again be sponsoring a fascinating array of pre-conference workshops.  We have several sessions oriented toward helping doctoral students, including the OMT/ODC/MOC Doctoral Consortium (for advanced students at the dissertation writing stage) and the OMT Dissertation Proposal Workshop (for mid-career doctoral students approaching their proposals).  We are also sponsoring the OMT Junior Faculty Workshopfor faculty at the early stages of their careers.   

In addition, OMT is involved in 45 PDW's this year, and is the lead sponsor or organizer on 17 of them.   Examples of innovative OMT workshops this year include: "Contributions of Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS) to Knowledge and Action", "Simulation Techniques in Organization Theory", and "Hollywood and Beyond: Organizations, Institutions, and Strategy in the Global Film Industry".  Almost all of OMT's PDW's are co-sponsored with other divisions, and we have a strong contingent of international scholars involved in most of the workshops. 2006 will prove to be an exciting year for OMT PDW's.  See below for a preliminary schedule of OMT PDW's.  Some have links to more information.  When the schedule is finalized, we’ll “re-publish" a listing of all OMT PDWs with more complete information on each session here in the newsletter.

As one of the PDW activities we will continue our annual Meet OMT Reception, Saturday August 12 at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis, International C Ballroom from 5:00 to 7:00 PM. We would especially like to welcome our new and international members.

William Ocasio
Northwestern University
OMT PDW Representative

1:00pm SPDW: Future of RBV
SPDW: Professions In Org. Life
1:30pm SPDW: Qualitative Research Methods
SPDW: Resources, Capabilities...
6:00pm OMT Junior Faculty Consortium
OMT/ODC/MOC Doctoral Students Consortium
8:00am OMT Junior Faculty Consortium
SPDW: OMT/ODC/MOC Doctoral Students Consortium
8:30am SPDW: Scholars And Practitioners
SPDW: Advanced Social Networks
SPDW: Process Research Workshop I: A Spectrum of Methods
9:00am SPDW: Digital Transformations
SPDW: Positive Org. Scholarship
SPDW: Social Constructionism
9:10am SPDW: Simulation Techniques in Organization Theory
9:45am SPDW: Katrina: Cooperation
10:00am SPDW: Power In Institutional Theory
1:00pm SPDW: Set-Theoretic Analysis Using QCA and Fs/QCA
SPDW: Process Research Methods II
1:30pm SPDW: Empirically Investigating Real Options
SPDW: Research on Org Identity
SPDW: Senior Scholars Session
SPDW: Leadership of Networks and Alliances
SPDW: Using M&A As A Context For Studying Organizations
2:00pm SPDW: Philosophies Of Organizational Research
2:30pm SPDW: Stakeholders and Strategy
5:00pm Meet OMT Reception
r: #333333;" width="190">Sunday
8:00am SPDW: New Research Agendas
SPDW: Local and Global Interactions
SPDW: Ask the Editors Breakfast
SPDW: Systemic Leadership Approaches
SPDW: Assumptions & Managerial Action
SPDW: Teaching OMT
8:30am SPDW: Learning about Resilience
SPDW: Joint Editors’ Panel
9:00am SPDW: RBV & Industry Attractiveness
SPDW: Research Incubator On Alliance Portfolios
SPDW: Negotiating Your 1st Job
SPDW: Complexity, Lead & National Security
OMT Doctoral Dissertation Consortium
SPDW: Ecological Research On Technology And Innovation
9:30am SPDW: Culture and language in market and field processes
10:00am SPDW: The 14th Annual Craft Of Reviewing Workshop
SPDW: Macro OB/OMT Journals
SPDW: Editor's Panel II: OMT/ODC/MOC
10:30am SPDW: Globalizing Film Industry