Kim Elsbach, University of California at Davis, tells us about the upcoming program in Atlanta.

The 2006 OMT program promises to largest and most diverse ever for our division.  OMT is sponsoring or co-sponsoring 50 paper sessions, five visual paper sessions, 48 interactive papers, and 44 symposia.  Topics range from “Cheating the Fates: A Process Model of Organizational Afterlife” to “Buffering Young Firms From Threat”, and from “The Impact of Envy on Organizational Structure and Incentives” to “Compassion in Org anizational Trauma.”

Distinguished Scholar.  This year OMT is honored to recognize Steve Barley as the OMT Distinguished Scholar.  Steve will give his Distinguished Scholar Address on Monday morning after the Welcome Breakfast.  This promises to be a provocative session by a pioneering scholar, and a great kick-off to the meetings.  We will present our OMT Best Paper, Best Symposium, and Best Paper Based on a Dissertation Awards at our business meeting on Monday evening.  This is where we will hand out our highly-anticipated artifact and also recognize our stellar reviewers.

Submissions. OMT received 355 paper and 54 symposium submissions, equaling last year's impressive totals.  Our new keyword systems worked very well. Submissions and reviewers by key word are given below.  As you can see, for interesting and diverse work, OMT is truly the place to be.  

(Note:  Many of you may not know what it's like to be the OMT Program Chair.  A Day in the Life of a Program Chair provides you with a humorous glimpse of all the things I didn't know about this job.)
Constructs and Relationships          
Submissions Reviewers Keyword
45 153 conflict/cooperation/trust
37 147 identity/image
40 202 innovation/creativity
55 207 Institutions
38 178 legitimacy
6 81 morality/corruption
82 222 networks
27 187 power/politics
43 177 social capital/communities of practice
20 79 status

Managing Within the Organization                
Submissions Reviewers Keyword
28 155 cognition
10 82 compensation/human relations practices
30 205 decision making
54 240 knowledge management
31 236 leadership
18 110 perception management
28 94 work/ labor processes/ employment relations

Mechanisms and Processes              
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Submissions Reviewers Keyword
19 127 competition
0 31 creationism
19 114 diffusion
25 110 evolution
1 32 feminism/feminist processes
51 182 institutionalization/de-institutionalization
22 72 markets
9 45 stratification/inequality
21 147 technology

Organization-level Phenomena        
Submissions Reviewers Keyword
48 154 adaptation/evolution
23 131 boards/governance
33 247 culture
41 198 design/structure
61 177 learning/memory/routines
57 314 organizational change
65 179 performance/effectiveness
64 283 strategy
13 158 top management teams
6 98 vertical integration/outsourcing

Structures and Processes Beyond the Organization   
Submissions Reviewers Keyword
58 195 alliances/interorganizational ties
28 94 comparative/international
15 72 ecology
19 60 geography/industrial districts
15 126 globalization
21 88 industry
43 156 organizational fields
11 72 political economy/state
Many of you may not know what it's like to be the Program Chair.  Click here for a little light humor:  A Day in the Life of the Program Chair.