Pam Haunschild, University of Texas at Austin, gives us news about the OMT Division.

Greetings, fellow OMT’ers.  I hope that spring finds you well and looking forward to our meetings in Atlanta! In February, the OMT Executive Board met in Phoenix to discuss several exciting developments in the Division.  We have continued our efforts to broaden our inclusion of OMT members in division decisions and activities.  Consistent with this, the current Chairs of the Teaching Committee (Terry Conry), Research Committee (Bill Dougan), and Practice Committee (Majken Schulz/Mike Tushman) were invited to attend and contribute to the mid-year meeting.  These committees all have exciting developments planned!  The Research Committee helped Program Chair Kim Elsbach in decisions for our three divisional awards.  They also have some exciting ideas for future research-oriented PDWs.  The Teaching Committee has another exciting teaching-oriented PDW workshop planned and the Practice Committee has organized a PDW and a major symposium that will be a feature of OMT’s main program.  As the committees are doing such important work, the Division will be funding an additional annual meeting for each of the committees so that they can get together in person and work together on their important tasks.  We are grateful to all the committee members who worked so hard to make these efforts on behalf of the Division!

Please make it a top priority to join one or both of the pre-conference workshops (on teaching and practice) and the All Academy Symposium on Practice.  Check the Academy program for details.  We are certain you will be thrilled with these offerings and attending them will give you the chance to offer your support and appreciation to the committees!

More exciting news:  we are forming a new Communication Coordination Committee!  We need volunteers for membership and a Chair as well – see the call for nominations in the newsletter. 

Our expanded “Meet OMT” reception – welcoming new members and international members!
Also new this year – we will be expanding the ever-popular “Meet OMT” reception to two hours.  This event is on Saturday evening  and is a good place to say hello to everyone participating in the pre-conference activities.  At this event we'll be doing something new and special to welcome our new OMT members and our international members.  So put it on your calendar to stop by, have some refreshments, and say hello.  

2006 Meeting in Atlanta

Under the guidance of Kim Elsbach (Program Chair) and Willie Ocasio (PDW Chair) the OMT offerings in Atlanta will be very exciting!  Both Kim and Willie provide you with a peek at what’s in store – see the (2006 OMT Program and OMT PDW Sessions). They have both done outstanding work putting their programs together and we owe them many, many thanks!! 

As usual, we will be offering our triumvirate of opportunities for early career professional development:  the OMT Dissertation Proposal Workshop, the MOC/ODC/OMT Doctoral Student Consortia and the OMT Junior Faculty Consortium.  This year Jerry Davis and I are organizing the Dissertation Proposal Workshop, Christine Beckman and Marc-David Seidel are hosting the Junior Faculty Consortium, and Mary Tripsas and Pablo Martin de Holan will be organizing the Doctoral Student Consortium.  Faculty:  send your students to these wonderful events!  Junior faculty:  if you haven’t already done so, attend our Junior Faculty Consortium – it’s great!

In addition to our Meet OMT Reception, OMT will continue our two other popular traditions, our Welcome Breakfast and Distinguished Scholar Address and our Business Meeting (complete with an unveiling of the OMT artifact!). This year our distinguished scholar is Steve Barley of Stanford University.   Please plan to join us for these events and help celebrate these valued OMT Division traditions!!!


This year’s OMT officer elections will be run by Jerry Davis. He will contact you shortly for nominations and then invite you to vote using the electronic ballot system that AoM has created for this purpose. Please participate in this process. It is your chance to have a big influence on the shape of OMT’s future.

There is plenty more to read in the rest of this newsletter.  If you have any questions/comments/concerns, please contact me!  Also, please send me suggestions for any additional services the Division can provide you and the rest of the membership.  And finally, plan to join me at the many OMT events in Atlanta!   OMT – THE place to be!

Best wishes,

Pam Haunschild
OMT Division Chair